It's not often that anyone other than my husband and kids will see me without mascara and lipstick on. That being said, I am far from a makeup aficionado, but I do know good makeup when I see it. For those that don't know, Sephora is good makeup, and soon we'll have another convenient place to buy it in Rockford.

Back in December of 2020 Kohl's announced;

By Fall 2021, the new Sephora at Kohl’s premium beauty destination will open in 200 Kohl’s stores, bringing more than 100 carefully curated prestige beauty brands to a Kohl’s store in a neighborhood near you, as well as online at, which will exclusively showcase an expanded assortment of Sephora product offerings.

That news was cool, but the better news is that Rockford has been chosen as one of those "200 stores" according to;

The E. State Street store in the Forest Plaza is one of 200 Kohl’s locations nationwide to open a 2,500 square foot “fully-immersive, premium beauty destination” with the makeup brand.

The JC Penney store at CherryVale Mall has had a Sephora store in it for several years, but let's face it, sometimes going to the mall is not always convenient. One of my co-workers here at the station works part-time for Kohl's in Rockford, and I just hit her up for some more inside information. She says she hasn't heard much about when it will open in Rockford, but she promised to find out more when she works this weekend. I'll be holding her to that promise and will report more shortly. 


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