Look out! As of today, it will cost you 9% more to go to a concert in Chicago.

If you buy concert or event tickets from Eventbrite, the new 9% tax Chicago Amusement tax will apply to you. Taxes will be collected for shows and events that the take place in the City of Chicago.

Eventbrite sells tickets for shows all round the country, including shows and events in Rockford.

According to a report by the Illinois Policy Institute

Chicago takes the top spot for taxes and fees in an analysis of the 15 largest cities. The City Council should be lowering Chicagoans’ tax burdens rather than finding creative ways to take more of their earnings.

So, if you've waited too long to buy tickets to many upcoming popular events including Chicago Food Truck Festival or Chicago's Pitchfork Festival, plan to shell out an extra 9%. Yes, even if you attend the Chicago Mustache Bar Crawl, you'll pay the 9% tax.



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