Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation with someone when something catches your eye and instantly, you've completely tuned that other person out?

Yesterday, Steve Shannon and I were in the middle of talking about what we were going to do for the morning show the next day, and I missed about half of what he was saying.

It's not my fault though. As I was scrolling through Facebook for some show material, I came across this photo of Javier Baez...aka Javier Bae-z. (That's what I'm calling him now.)

Jaw, meet floor.

Wait, it gets better.

WGN gave us all a sneak peak of his photo shoot for ESPN's upcoming "BODY Issue." Quick, gather the girls at work around your desk and take a look; it's only a few seconds long so don't blink.

I could go into detail about the photo shoot, like where it was and when, what type of camera he used and how he felt about it, but do you even care?

Seriously though, if you want to read the hard facts (pun intended) about his photo shoot, you can read more from ESPN here.

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