It's always a good feeling when you learn others struggle at their jobs, even if it looks really awesome. Here's proof.

Chicago Cubs Grounds Crew Rolls Out Tarp
Jonathan Daniel|Getty Images

If you're a diehard sports fan you've probably wondered what it's like to be a part of the crew that keeps the playing area looking good. For instance, how cool would it be to be the guy making the yard lines at soldier field? What is like drilling the holes in the ice for the goalie net in hockey? Would it be fun wiping debris off the floor at the United Center during a Bulls game? How fun would it be to run along unrolling or rolling up the tarp at Wrigley Field? That latter looks easier than it probably actually is.

Yesterday's Chicago Cubs battle against Arizona D-Backs was long, rainy, and ultimately ending with a Cubs loss. The Cubbies weren't the only ones that lost last night. Watch this Cubs' grounds crew worker lose a grip on the job and prove the struggle is real.

He had one job. Hold the rope. But, with all that rain, it's no surprise he biffed it and couldn't get back up until the end. Someone buy that man a beer.


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