The weekend is upon us, and if you're anything like me, you're hitting up Facebook events some time today to find something to do.

I got a head start on my weekend planning last night and came across this event:

Hush Silent Head Phone
N High Demand via Facebook

A silent head phone party? This sounds pretty cool, right?

So what is it and why should you hold off on buying your ticket?

According to Silent Party USA, silent head phone parties give guests an innovative and ultra modern dance experience that lets you choose your own music and volume level; it's ground breaking entertainment that very few have experienced and it's super fun.

Want to go?

Not so fast. I'm all for bringing new thing to Rockford, but don't buy your tickets to this one-of-a-kind party just yet.

Here are some things I've noticed about the event that tell me that it could be a scam (for the record, I hope it's not):

  • The event planner, N High Demand, has no presence on the web aside from this Facebook event. I Google'd "N High Demand," and there is no credible website or any other kind of business with a similar name.
  • They don't have a location for the event. The Better Business Bureau says you should always do your research; just because the event is on Facebook, it doesn't make it real.
  • There's no contact information for N High Demand. On the Eventbrite website there is a link to contact N High Demand but it brings you to a "Frequently Asked Questions" page, that's it.

Advanced tickets for the event, which are $25, are being sold starting August 15th; but if you're interested in going, you might want to hold off until they announce the location and that location can confirm that the event is actually taking place.

Know someone organizing this silent head phone party? Let us know so we can give them the proper plug.

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