Every parents worse nightmare came true last night in Aurora.

WGN TV has a story about a huge disturbance that took place at the Fox Valley Mall in Aurora last night.

At around 7:30 last night, a group of teens started to fight on the main level of the mall. The mall was crowded as many people were looking for deals after the holidays.

Here is a video of the fight from Twitter user Velma.

There were also many other disturbances that took place across the country that involved people fighting. Some officers that were involved suffered minor injuries.

The mall closed early last night, as was expected. They are open for business as usual today.

(UPDATED 7:30 PM--WIFR TV is now reporting that 4 teens were arrested yesterday at Cherry Vale Mall, with the ages of the teens being between 13 and 17.)

Here is my biggest concern. Can we not let our children go anywhere by themselves anymore? There are many people who won't be going to that mall or any mall for that matter anymore because of the safety of their children.

If you are going to fight, do it somewhere else. It makes me sick that teens think they can do whatever they want and not have any respect for anyone. I hope that it serves a lesson for anyone who wants to try something like that again.

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