This 7-year-old is doing things some adults won't even do, putting in the work to get what they want. As a small child, I had chores and an allowance but, in most cases, I spent the money before I had to. This is the case today to a certain extent. This Machesney Park boy, he's on his way to buying a Playstation 5 with his own money.

I love this story. The moment I finished reading about Jameson's quest to buy a PS5 with his own earnings, I  knew this needed to be shared with any eyes I can reach. This is quite the feat considering the starting cost of this highly coveted gaming console is $500. Even with this hefty price tag, the motivated 7-year-old is on a mission to make it happen, all thanks to his dad.

The Value of a Dollar

Jameson's dad has instilled the lesson of earning and saving into his young son's mind, according to MyStateline. How this whole endeavor began was Jameson hitting up his old man for some pricey items, things we probably did as kids too. In true dad-fashion, his dad Doug dropped a classic dad line.

You have to get a job, man!

It dawned on Doug that a friend has recently paid someone to clean up their dog's poo and it clicked. Doug hopped on Facebook asked if anyone they knew had simple chores Jameson could handle. It turns out some folks did and guess what? As of this article, Jameson is just over $100 short of getting a PS5.  You can read the interview and reach out to Doug here.

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