It looks like the grassroots rebellion against the Bulls has begun. 

A group of Bulls fans and Reddit users raised over $8,000 to put up this billboard in downtown Chicago this week.

The billboard displays a large #FIREGARPAX and a play on the Bulls motto "See Red" was changed to "We're No Longer Seeing Red."

The Bulls have been stuck in NBA hell the past decade. Not being good enough to win a title but being just good enough to not get any good draft picks. There really hasn't been any good news for the Bulls since they drafted Derrick Rose what seems like ages ago.

To add to the Bulls problems, all the other teams in Chicago seem to have a goal in mind. The Cubs and Blackhawks are now perennial contenders thanks to their management. The White Sox have finally pulled the trigger on a full-on rebuild, which will give their fan base a glimmer of future success. Even the Bears, who have been bad for years now, look like they're planning for the future with a bold trade to get a young quarterback they like in Mitch Trubisky.

This likely won't lead to any direct change in the Bulls front office but owner Jerry Reinsdorf should know that his loyal Bulls fans are tired of what's going on.

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