The State Of Illinois has pulled a "Cheap Trick" against one of the most beloved bands in Rockford.

According to the Rockford Register Star, four signs that commemorated the legendary rock band Cheap Trick were taken down around the area.

"The Illinois Department of Transportation told Mayor Larry Morrissey in a May 31 letter that the signs had to be taken down because they are considered "advertising" and don't abide by other state sign rules."

The group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in April and the city wanted to show their appreciation towards the rockers. Instead, the signs are now sitting in storage.

Rick Nielsen talked to the newspaper and brought up a good point:

"He said he sees signs all around town recognizing this or that sports team for achievements, and that the Cheap Trick signs were similarly intended to be a "recognition thing. It's not advertising," Nielsen said. "We don't get any money."

I have to agree 100% with that. It isn't like the group is getting any money for the signs being up. They aren't promoting an upcoming appearance.

Now, the signs on non-state roads can be left up. But, I have one simple question. Doesn't the state have bigger problems to deal with? I think that 4 signs that aren't bothering anyone shouldn't be an issue. How about fixing the state budget and taking care of people who need it.