In addition to a proposal to raise your income by close to 30%, Illinois state lawmakers now want to add a tax to soda and energy drinks to fill the budget gap.

Lawmakers in Springfield are looking to add a new tax on soft drinks generate revenue to fill Illinois $5 billion dollar budget deficit.

Here's how the new tax will work. Soft drink enthusiasts will be taxes a penny per ounce.

Each 12 oz can of soda and energy drinks would be taxed at a rate 12 cents

A 12 pack of soda would be taxed $1.44

A 24 pack of Soda would be taxed $2.88

Now keep in mind, in Illinois soda purchases are already taxed at the higher tax rate and do not fall under the food classification, and thus do not qualify for the 1% food tax.  In Rockford a $6.00 case of soda is already taxed $0.48.

So, if you do the math, a $6.00 24 can case of sugary soda will end end up costing you $9.36.

Many stores set their prices at $6.99 for a case of soda, so now with taxes added on you will pay over $10.00.

The Rockford Register Star estimates the soda tax would generate $375 million to $600 million a year.

Jim Soreng, executive director of the Illinois Beverage Association.told the Rockford Register Star

This is a regressive proposal that will increase grocery costs for hundreds of everyday products and hit those who can least afford it, and it will also do nothing to improve public health outcomes.

I contacted Rockford State Senator's Dave Syverson (R) and Steve Stadelman (D) to find out their views on the proposal:

Sen Syverson said "I have always opposed soda tax." Sen Stadelman also opposes the tax.

If passed, soft drink and energy drink fans have three options:

1. Buy your soft drinks in Wisconsin

2. Switch to bottled water

3. Contact your local state house and senate members and tell them to vote no.

So, your thoughts, good idea or bad idea.