Being an 90's adolescent in Rockford was a blast. There were places to go and things to do and we made the most of it. Check out these places 90's kids spent their free time.

If, at the end of this list, I missed your favorite place, let me know in a comment.

7 Things Rockford Millennials Miss

Discovery Zone

This was the place to go for any kid in the 90's, although it only wanted a little over 5 years. (It was located on the far west side of Forest Plaza in Rockford.)

The P.I.T. Skatepark

Some went to skate, most went for music and socializing. #beforetherewasfacebook (The PIT was located on Williams Drive in Rockford.)

Cherryvale Mall Cinema

Friday night movies were the best here, where  the cool kids went. (The is currently the home of the trampoline park.)

Golf & Games

Since we're on the subject of Cherry Valley, let's reminiscing about mini putting, or bumper boats, or some air hockey. Those were fun times. (Located north of Cherryvale Mall, this vacant building will soon be the home of a humane society.)

Magna Parking Lot

On any weekend night you would find people hanging out with their cars - hoops up and music on. (Near Don Carter Lanes)

Machesney Park Mall

You could see a movie, hit up the arcade, pop into Spencer's, or just hang by one of the fountains - all at one place.


This is a stretch - anyone that grew up in the 90's ended up at the club when they turned 21. Some claimed to have partied here before they turned 21. (Originally located on E. State Street - across from Don Carter Lanes.)

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