Just when you think there is no way our population can get any dumber. A new internet challenge pops up. This has actually been around for awhile but for some reason it's starting to pick up steam. You'd think after eating Tide Pods the challenges might loosen up a bit. But, then you'd be wrong. Don't worry. I was wrong too.

Ladies and gentlemen, condom snorting is officially a thing!

Yup. Condom snorting. Nope. Buying a scented or flavored condom and getting your sniff on won't get the job done. That would be to easy, and probably to safe.

According to FOX 32 Chicago, "Rival to the "Tide Pod Challenge," "condom snorting" is a dangerous practice that involves inhaling a rubber condom up one's nose so that it can then be fished out through the mouth. The whole thing is recorded and uploaded to YouTube or another social media outlet.

Is it wrong that I am starting to pull for the whole Planet of the Apes scenario? Does a species like ours deserve to be at the top of the food chain? I am definitely starting to question it.


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