Two of the seven most recent nuclear power plant leaks have been at nuclear facilities here in Northern Illinois. In fact, the worst offender, released over 9,100 gallons of nuclear material that was determined to be 375 times the EPA limit.

All of Illinois six nuclear power plants are in Northern Illinois. Chances are you leave near or within a short driving distance of one.

7 Radioactive Leaks at Illinois Nuclear Power Plants You Didn't Know About
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The Illinois Better Government Association (BGA) reports that since 2007 there have been 35 reported leaks, least 35 reported leaks, spills or other accidental releases in Illinois. The leaks were water that was contaminated with radioactive tritium, which is a byproduct of nuclear power production. It is also known to be a carcinogen when at high levels. The release of radioactive water can end up in drinking water

The Byron and Quad Cities plants were listed on this report.

The worst offender was the Quad Cities nuclear plant that, according to a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) report, leaked radiation at very high levels. The levels of which went “well beyond that seen anywhere else in the industry.” What's scary is that, according to same NRC report, the plant staff estimated the leak had been active for years before it was discovered.

How did the Exelon plant at Bryon do?

7 Radioactive Leaks at Illinois Nuclear Power Plants You Didn't Know About
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Byron reported only one incident in 2014 where 370 gallons were released. The water contained only low levels of radioactivity. The only plant not to have any reported incidents was the Clinton plant in DeWitt County. None of the plants received fines for the incidents.

You can read the BGA's full report HERE.

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