Cravings they happen.

Especially, if you're like me, it happens when I'm bored, frustrated, sad, or even sometimes mad.

Heck it happened to me last night. Even though I went for a walk and worked out, had dinner, I still craved potato chips. I was bored. It was raining and I couldn't find anything good on TV to watch. I wanted Potato chips so bad. I did break down and eat a few, but knew I had to put the bag away or I'd eat too many.

How can we control our cravings? Try these 6 tips.

1. Drink water. sometimes that hungry craving is really because we're thirsty.

2. Pinch yourself. Pinching your ear lobes or nostrils for 10 seconds will stop the cravings.

3. Use 100-Watt Lightbulbs.

4.Negotiate over coffee not a meal.

5. Keep your hands to yourself. (Don't touch the junk food at the store)

6. Think Healthy, not Thin.