Man, I thought I was so lucky because every single morning my man got up and made me breakfast. It always consists of the same things: two multi-grain waffles, two eggs and one piece of bacon. Once it's made, it's tossed in some Tupperware and I'm off to work. Nothing fancy; it's just how we roll in the morning.

But how cool would it be if my breakfast could look as wonderful as this kindergartner's lunch that was shared on Reddit by mcgroo.

This parent obviously has a lot of time and skills to make something so spectacular for their child; it's almost too cute to eat.

Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever had a meal that fancy in my life. You?

As a parent, do you think this is a total waste or is it a sweet gesture that you would love to do for your kids if you had the time and the energy?