Unless you're one of the many strong people in Illinois who are giving up wine for Lent, you have a holiday to celebrate today, it's National Wine Day.

Wine is the best. I know you know, but I'm just reminding you. I always think it's so silly how many people say they don't like wine, because there are SO many varieties. It's almost impossible not to enjoy one of them.

From sparkling bubbly, sweet fruit wines to dry Merlot, there's something for every taste bud. I'm not sommelier or anything, but I know that you can find something you like.

The best way to figure that out is at a winery or a restaurant that will give you the opportunity to taste a few while you're there, which is where this handy list comes in, five Rockford area places to celebrate National Wine Day tonight, or today if you're lucky!

  1. DC Estate Winery - $5 wine tasting whenever they are open, 8877 Stateline Rd South Beloit
  2. McEachran Homestead Winery -  $2 for full wine tasting, and they have wine slushies, 1917 Wyman School Road, Caledonia
  3. Five Forks Market -  $10 for Third Thirsty Thursday Wine Tastings held the third Thursday of every month and you get a $10 gift certificate when you pay for a tasting, 6565 Lexus Dr, Rockford
  4. Artale & Co. -  monthly wine tastings, wine of the month, 6876 Spring Creek Road
  5. Famous Fossil Vineyard 7 Winery - no reservations needed to daily tastings, monthly wine tasting events that include discounts on wine when you attend, 395 N Cedarville Rd, Freeport