Do you believe in UFOs? The people who filmed these videos in Rockford think they're real.

1. November 19, 2015

The video appears to have been filmed in the parking lot of the Schnucks, 2206 Barnes Blvd., near CherryVale Mall. The roofs of some of the mall's stores are visible near the end of the video

"I was outside during a lighting storm at my job, and I wanted to film the lighting," the video description reads. "After I watched the footage, I noticed two orbs floating around erratically in the sky."

2. March 29, 2008

"I've never so a plane fly like that," exclaims one of the guys in this video. His buddy just responds by repeating "dude."

This video probably isn't as believable as the others on this list, but at least the commentary is entertaining.

3. August 31, 2015

This short video shows a glowing orb jutting across the sky over a residential area in Rockford. The orb doesn't waste any time on its journey.

The people recording the video mention aliens. SPOILER ALERT: We never see aliens in the video.

4. December 7, 2012

The thumbnail image for this video is misleading. We never see crowds of people looking up at lights in the sky.

What we do see is a brief flash of a blurry light in the video. It's probably a flashlight... Or is it?

5. July 31, 2011

Out of all of the Rockford UFO videos on YouTube, this one has the most views.

"After filming some footage of the moon, I noticed a strange array of lights," the video's description says.

The video features clear images of lights in the sky. You can hear something that sounds like a plane's engine.


This is fake, right?