Don't get me wrong, this record breaking warmth that the Rockford area is experiencing is awesome, but it has my family royally confused. 

Near 70 degrees in February in the Midwest is a gift to cherish, I know that. We all get to soak in some much needed Vitamin D and fresh air, and we are starting to feel a little more like our usual happy selves again, or are we? Is anyone else fearing when the other shoe will drop and we will have to say goodbye to our Spring frame of my mind for a little while longer? After getting through a hectic week I was looking forward to a Netflix and chill weekend, but instead I took the kids outside and had some outdoor fun.

Thanks to Mother Nature's unseasonable gift, I couldn't help but think these 5 things this weekend...

  1. I hate scooping dog poop. I prefer to have my crap covered yard covered in snow til at least mid-March while I prepare mentally for the task ahead of me.
  2. It's February, but should I take down all my winter decor? All these snowflakes are taunting me, and the bunnies and spring flowers are begging to come to the light.
  3. Speaking of bunnies, is the Easter Bunny at the CherryVale Mall yet?
  4. Will I ever be able to convince my 3-year-old that she has to wear her Winter coat again?
  5. Is the garbage company picking up yard debris yet, or am I going to have to hold on to the mini forest of sticks and tree limbs I have collected from my yard until Spring?

Despite the seasonal confusion, and the fact that my three-year-old is going to be really bummed when the weather turns cold again, it was nice to see you again, Mr. Warmth and Mrs. Sunshine. Please, make yourself welcome as long as possible here in Rockford.



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