This Friday the 13th is not your average spooky end of the week. This Friday the 13th is paired with a Harvest Full Moon. This rare full moon coincidence last occurred 19 years ago on Friday, October 13, 2000.

The next time a full moon will coincide with Friday the 13th will be August 13, 2049. So let's make the most of this!

Here are 5 spooky places in Rockford you can spend Friday the 13th under the Harvest Full Moon -

  • Coronado Theatre - 314 North Main Street
  • Faust Hotel - Faust Landmark, 630 East State Street
  • Veterans Memorial Hall - 211 N Main St
  • Lucerne's Fondue and Spirits - 845 North Church Street - According to HauntedPlaces "Mysterious phone calls have been made by an unseen entity, while the lights frequently turn on and off of their own accord".
  • Blood's Point Cemetery - 4470 Bloods Point Rd

So grab your friend who's obsessed with all things spooky and spend tomorrow at one of these eerie places ... if you dare.

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