Here's your chance to take a course in bread, zombies or circus.

Every school has their normal run of college class offerings: math, business, science... but not every college offers these.


  • YelenaYemchuk, ThinkStock
    YelenaYemchuk, ThinkStock

    RTM-213 Artisan Breads

    Alert the media, there is an entire course on Artisan Breads at Moraine Valley Community College! This course will teach you all about bread ingredients, baking theory, mixing ingredients... wait, will there also be baking of bread! Excellent! Sign me up as a taste tester.

  • Artranq, ThinkStock
    Artranq, ThinkStock

    52-2725J Zombies in Popular Media

    Don't get me wrong, I love watching The Walking Dead, but a course like this doesn't really appeal to me. The course offered at Columbia College 'explores the history, significance and representation of the zombie as a figure in horror and fantasy texts.' Interesting!

  • Christian Vuong, ThinkStock
    Christian Vuong, ThinkStock

    GRN-105 Death and Dying

    Welp, I can't see myself taking this class at Moraine Valley Community College. Death and Dying seems pretty morbid to me. Yeah sure, it's a fact of life and all... but it would be the most depressing part of my class schedule.

  • Julien Lemarchand, ThinkStock
    Julien Lemarchand, ThinkStock

    PED-C11-301 Circus Arts

    Flying on the trapeze is my dream! Triton College can make that a reality for all aspiring circus performers. They teach you juggling,  unicycle riding, clowning skills, the tight wire, tumbling, trampoline, web rope and other circus acts.

  • Rich Polk, Getty Images
    Rich Polk, Getty Images

    History 298: Oprah Winfrey, the Tycoon

    To be fair, the University of Illinois no longer offers this class, but at one point in time in the 2000's, it was a real course. I can't imagine you would get credit for just watching her television show or reading her magazine, but if you are a fan of Oprah, I bet you would have loved the class.

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