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In January, we posted a list of some "questionable"  fundraisers featured on the popular fundraising website, GoFundMe. Guess what, we found more! GofundMe is a great source for those who legitimately need financial help. Unfortunately, not every GoFundme fundraising plea is for something that is of a dire need.

I stress there is nothing wrong with any of these requests for money, but some are just plain.... questionable and sometimes amusing.

Rockford’s Most Questionable GoFundMe Fundraisers

1. Get Oliver a haircut. Young Oliver is a very cute kid who has gone way too long without a haircut and desperately needs a trim. So, the organizers of this fundraiser are looking to raise money get him a good haircut. $60.00 raised so far

Let's face it, this kid needs a haircut. His mom is in denial.

If I were Oliver's mom, I would pull out a pair of scissors and snip...snip...snip.

2. Pay My College Tuition. I recall mowing lawns in the summer, shoveling snow in the winter, while working two summer during high school jobs to pay for my college. $30.00 raised so far.

College is expensive and these scholarships aren't enough. I'm just trying to get an education.

Hey, if this works, go for it

3. Nicole's Adventures Abroad. Yes, Nicole would like to travel to Scandinavia.

Now seeing the world (or a portion of it, for that matter) isn’t super cheap, even on the strictest of budgets. So help me live large (

Nicole has raised $1,145.00 so far. Good for her. Can I find someone to pay for my vacation?

4. Help print Chupacabra t-shirts. Yes, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Mothman, and the Chupacabra are alive and well. A local group dedicated to the study of Cryptozoology, which is the study of animals not yet recognized by science, wants to print up t-shirts to promote their study.

All money raised will be used exclusively for the creation of the official t-shirt of The Pine Barrens Institute.

Amount raised so far, $20.00.

5. NIU Fraternity House Improvements.  Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity at Northern Illinois University is looking to raise money for frat house improvements/renovation. They are

Encourage more members to live in house, and recruit more members by showing off our lavish house.

No bad, $1000.00 raised so far. Now guys, you will make a promise that none of this money will go into the "beverage fund"?

Now, let me stress there is nothing wrong with any of these fundraisers and I wish all these folks well.  But you would have to agree that these GoFundMe's definitely illustrate the lighter side, rather than a real "need".