Guilty! Ever since I have roamed this planet, I have put potatoes in the refrigerator. I have been under the false assumption that it would extend the life of my favorite veggie. It takes me three weeks to go through a ten pound bag of potatoes. Keeping a potato in cold of your refrigerator will turn its starch into sugar more quickly, so that you'll be left with a sweet, gritty potato. Not very tasty!

Of course, potatoes aren't my only refrigerator storage mishap, I discovered many more. Chances are you are also guilty storing foods in your fridge that should be kept in your pantry on the kitchen. Huffington Post discovered a list of foods you shouldn't store in your fridge:

1. Tomatoes: The chilly in your fridge halts the ripening process. It's the ripening is what gives tomatoes more flavor.

2. Basil: Basil will wilt faster if leave in the fridge, and it will also absorb all the smells of the food around it.....Yuk!

3. Potatoes: You should store them in a dark place, like inside your pantry. Paper bags work better than plastic. My mom always stored them on the stairs leading down to the basement.

4. Onions: If you keep them in the fridge, the moisture will eventually turn them soft and moldy. Ewwww!

5. Bread: Guilty again! So true, storing bread in the fridge will cause it to dry out quickly. You should keep bread out on the counter or in the freezer. Keep bread that you will eat within four days out, and you should freeze the rest to thaw and eat later.

Other refrigerator no-no's include: Olive Oil, Coffee, Honey, Garlic, Avocados, and Basil. You can read more here.

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