If you're like most people, much of your spare time during the summer months is spent working around the house. To save money, you might try a lot of do it yourself projects to save money, but that's not always a good idea.

Last weekend, I spent all day Sunday working on trimming trees and other yard projects, and am guilty of biting off more than I can chew.

Home Safety Council says that attempting some home renovations lands a large number of people in the hospital each year. This is primarily due accidents.

Some things should be left to the professionals.

Here are five of the most dangerous DIY home renovations you should have professionally done:

Tree Trimming & Removal. Gave this one a try over the weekend, but for me no major issues other than some pokes and scratches. But you do need to be extra careful as trees can fall randomly, not always where you think they will fall. Injuries can occur and property damage often results if not done correctly. It’s best to consult a professional tree trimmers, no matter how handy you are with a saw and power tools.

Asbestos Removal: Not for me. If your home was built before 1980 it may contain asbestos. Inhaling airborne fibers may cause harmful respiratory problems. Experts recommend that you leave clean-up to experts.

Roof Repair: No one wants to fall from a high elevation. Last spring when the stateline experienced lots of severe weather, many home owners ventured up on the roof to assess the damage. Don't fall or injure yourself. The first thing to do is have your homeowners insurance claims adjuster verify damage and call a quality local roofer to assess the damage and provide the repair.

Electrical Repairs: This one I will never attempt. I am not a fan of shock therapy or setting my house on fire. For some with electrical know how, it's relatively easy to change a light switch or install a ceiling fan. If you want to try replacing circuits, fuse boxes, running electric lines and other bigger projects, you should leave this to a licensed qualified professional.

Gas Appliance Repairs: Here's another I steer clear of. I'm not a fan of gas explosions. Connecting or hooking up gas lines can be hazardous. This one you want to leave to the professionals. You don't want to risk fire, gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning.

When in doubt, ask a professional.