I got to be careful just writing this because I might get a tax bill for it. Seems like if there's a way to tax it, Illinois has figured it out. Back in July, the gas tax doubled to .38 cents a gallon. During the first month, year over year comparisons saw 100 million dollar jump in additional taxes paid for by Illinois drivers. It appears that 100 million dollars a month is what the new tax will be bringing in. Numbers released show that from July to October, drivers paid nearly $827 million in taxes which is nearly double the same amount between the same period in 2018 according to WTVO.

The Motor Fuel Tax revenue is supposed to be used to fix roads and infrastructure needs. If you recall Governor Pritzker and IDOT agreed to spend 23 billion to fix roads over the next six years. At the current pace, Illinois is set to make over $1 billion a year from the Motor Fuel Tax. Also consider the fact that registration fees jumped to $151 a year.

Unfortunately, I highly doubt this tax is going anywhere. I remember my dad telling me that's why they installed toll booths was to pay for road reconstructions and repairs. Seems like a lot of money goes into fixing roads instead of finding a more sustainable way to build roads that don't need to be fixed every other year.

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