Thanksgiving is a tradition that started in 1863. Food and Family, the national day of giving thanks and praise. All that jazz is nice but what is even better than thanksgiving? FRIENDSGIVING!


Maybe you've seen Friendsgiving in an episode of "Friends" or "How I Met Your Mother" but if you have not made this a tradition with your friends, you are missing out. Last night was our 5th annual Friendsgiving, there are so many reasons why Friendsgiving is more epic than Thanksgiving, here are my top 4. Have one yourself to discover more reasons!

1.Fancy Clothing is not required.

No need to spend hours trying to find that perfect sweater. If you want to look like you just made a trip to Mordor and back... not one of your friends will judge you.

2. The Drinks are way better.

Apple cider is great mom, but Michael's Apple Pie cider is sure to put me in a better mood.

3. Games that make you feel young again. 

I am not saying I don't love a solid game of Dominos with Grandma... but playing Mario Kart all night long is just simply amazing. I even get to feel like I am back in those college days with flippy cup.

4. The Food! 

Tacos, pizza, queso, and chocolate dipped Oreo's. Whatever you are in the mood for you can bring.

Need I say more.   

Happy Friendsgiving!

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