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There is a lot of serious debate on Confederate flags in our country, none of which you will find in this article. Instead, let's highlight the four most common flags you find in Illinois and Wisconsin. First and foremost, those who are new to the Illinois/Wisconsin border will quickly realize they are in deep NFL rivalry territory. And, not to exclude our friends in Minnesota, but you will not be a part of the four flags in this article. Sorry. Also, the four flags have to do with more than just football, but that's where I'll start.

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During the National Football League's season, you can't travel more than a mile or two without spotting a waving Chicago Bears flag or Green Bay Packers flag as you pass by. No doubt, when you see your team's rivalry flag hanging on somebody's property you're probably thinking, "oh, they're fans of THAT TEAM." And, admit it, you're thinking it with a hint of judgment, too. It's perfectly acceptable because we and understand how deep the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers rivalry goes.

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Another flag you are likely to find in the area is a flying "W", which represents a Chicago Cubs' victory. Of course, you will also find regular Cubs flags but a die-hard fan of Chicago's northside team will bestow a "Flying W" to let the world (or the neighborhood) know they've won. Sure, if you look hard enough you will find a Milwaukee Brewers or Chicago White Sox flag but they aren't as dominant as a Cubbies flag.

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One flag that is sure to spark a conversation is the yellow flags you'll see flying around a football field. Whether it's a high school football game or the NFL, these flags can be both good and bad. "Where's the flag?" "Why'd they throw that flag?" "There's a late flag!" "That flag just won/lost them the game." This is the flag we can all argue or celebrate the most, depending on how it plays out for your team.

Regardless of the type of flag creating conversation, don't let it ruin your relationships. If it's a serious conversation follow these three steps: listen, learn, and love.

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