I knew Rockford has gone through some changes but man, I had no idea we have had quite as many businesses that have come and gone over the years.


Since I'm not a lifelong Rockfordian, I felt that it would only be right to ask you for the places that you miss the most.


Sure, there's some of the usual suspects and there's some that just make me wonder if these places have had as much support then as they were getting now, they'd probably still be in business.


Located at 5494 East State Street for what seemed to be a very short time, Tumbleweed in my brain was the restaurant that was in front of Circuit City.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Now that it's gone people want it back, if only for the margaritas. The other top choice seemed to be Media Play. I miss Media Play just as much as the next guy but do you remember the biggest complaint about that place?

Everything cost one million dollars. Want a CD? They were easy $3-$4 more expensive per CD than Best Buy. Looking for a DVD? You're also better off looking elsewhere.

So as much as we loved the place, Media Play went out of business, and Best Buy is still around (albeit just barely).

While we miss these stores and restaurants there might be a reason they are no longer in the Forest City.

Take a look at the entire list and see if we're missing any.

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