For Valentine's Day my husband gave me the option of buying a new couch, OR taking a kid-less trip to Nashville. I know the decision should seem like a no-brainer, but we REALLY need a new couch for our family room, and home decorating is my jam, so this decision is not an easy one for me.

In the last few days it has become very obvious that my husband is trying to talk me out of choosing the Nashville option, so we have been on the hunt for the perfect couch. (Even though I have not made my final decision yet, and I may still choose Nashville  out of spite 😂).

We have been perusing local furniture store websites to see what our options are, and my husband brought up checking out Crazy Joe's. My response was, 'I'm pretty sure that place has been closed for years', but one quick internet search proved I was wrong...for the most part.

Crazy Joe's Furniture, near the corner of Alpine and East State St. in Rockford, has been open for 31 years, and they just made the announcement that they are closing for good.

Their website banner reads;

Over $500,000 of furniture and mattresses are being liquidated at discount prices. Available for immediate pickup and delivery.

Crazy Joe's Rockford store may be closing soon, but their Janesville location will remain open, so...if crazy deal and discounts on furniture is what you need, check out their inventory at

Lastly, I want to apologize to Crazy Joe's for not knowing they were still open. In my defense, I don't get out much.

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