Apparently there is a big argument in Wisconsin over who is the UFO capital. I mean, who wouldn't want to be known as such. What is your hometown known as, "the freakin UFO Capital of Wisconsin!" JSonline

So these three towns think they own the whole "UFO Sightings" thing in Wisconsin. Each of these towns hold events to celebrate their status. Now wait, if there really are aliens and UFO's out there, do they go "oh hey look, they are celebrating us!"

Let's take a look at each town:

Dundee - This unincorporated town celebrates their UFO stuff at a bar, no way! Get ready for this, they have an actual alien in a jar that people drive 100's of miles to see.

Elmwood - 1975 was when all their alien stuff started. A cop noticed a giant glowing "fireball" zooming across the sky, an alien for sure. Get this, two years later the same guy found an object he described as a "flaming orange object," and it wasn't small... 250 feet across and two stories high. Then it was gone.

Belleville - This Wisconsin town also has the backing of the local police. 1987 strange lights in the sky were reported, and the cops witnessed it too! "There was no way in hell it was a star," Glen Kazmar, a Belleville police officer

Well there you have it, 3 diff Wisconsin towns that say they are THE UFO place in Wisconsin. I'm very curious about the whole "Alien in a Jar" thing...Sea Monkeys?

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