We're a week in to December and that means your Elf on The Shelf has been up to A LOT already. But you've still got a while to go until Christmas. And let's be honest, do you really have the brain capacity to come up with that many more ideas for your elf?

It definitely doesn't hurt to get some inspiration and ideas. So we asked on Facebook what your Elf on The Shelf has been up to so far this December? The comment section was basically a Pinterest board of ideas. And there's no shame in the borrow game here.

Here's 25 Elf on The Shelf Ideas from Rockford residents that you should totally steal for your own elf.

Rockford's Elf on The Shelf Ideas

Some people are just too creative, it blows my mind. One of the most popular ideas this year is the "quarantine box". Here's a few examples of Rockford's Elf of The Shelf quarantine boxes.

Elf on The Shelf Quarantine Ideas

So even if you've run out ideas, there's always quarantine. And it doesn't have to be 14 days. Sure for us humans it does, but maybe in elf world they only have to quarantine for 2 days. That way you have plenty of time to plan for an epic elf come back.

I also love the fact that some families have two elves. They can get into mischief together. But even if you only have one elf, you should utilize your kids toys. Whether it's a dinosaur battle, a shark dive, or fixing an RC car, your kid's play room is a gold mine for ideas.

We'd also love to know your Elf's name!

Posted by 97ZOK on Friday, December 4, 2020

Happy Elf on The Shelf season!

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