When is the last time you have been to a library? If it has been a minute maybe it is time you check out your local library, there is so much information at your fingertips as soon as you walk in the door.

Secretary of State Jessie White is also the state librarian. According to WREX White says, "libraries are the best and most reliable information resource available to citizens." 630 libraries in the state of Illinois will split up the $15 Million in grants. This helps pay for the employees, new technology, and new materials.

I must admit, I haven't been to a library since college. That is not saying I haven't thought about it or wanted to go, it just seems the internet provides information so quickly. All the while knowing most of the information you find online is not the most trusted source.  Sometimes I pass the local library and have this craving to just walk through the doors. I love reading and do not take part in it nearly enough.

When I really think about it, not to sure anyone I know goes there as often as we did growing up. Back in the good old days of middle school, we had an accelerated reading program. The program used to be linked to getting a free mini pizza after reading so many books. So not only did your knowledge of subjects increase, you got a pretty cool dinner. The local library also had tons of fun events like a harry potter night! Does your library offer any of these programs?

All this money should really help state libraries stay up to date and provide the best information.  Maybe it is time you stop by your local library and reactivate your library card if it's been a little bit.

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