October, the time for everything pumpkin and pink. I think it's quite fitting that the spookiest month of the year is also when we take time to honor the battle against one of the scariest diseases ever.

Don't get me wrong, I think all of the things done for breast cancer awareness are powerful. It provides hope, love, and courage. It unites us all, and allows to stand behind all breast cancer fighters and survivors. They deserve it. They are all heroes in my book. It's just that I hate cancer. I lost two grandmothers to courageous cancer fights that started with breast cancer. It runs in my family, and I am terrified. I came across these 14 brave confessions about breast cancer the other day, and it really hit home.

Then I realized something. Living in fear of what you can't control does you no good. Fighting against it does.

Here comes the celebration part. Let's all get together and celebrate survivors. Let's celebrate the advances made every day in the battle against this nasty b*%&# of a disease. Let's help fund the organizations that provide unending support to breast cancer fighters. Let's watch hot fireman model bras, and spend lots of money on them.  Let's bring all our friends to the Pink Party on Friday, October 24 at Prosser's Chophouse in Machesney Park. It's gonna be an awesome night, and you don't want to miss it!

Who will you celebrate for? Your Mom? Your Grandma? For me, it's my daughter. I would love nothing more than for her to grow up healthy, and without the fear of a breast cancer diagnosis. It WILL happen. Just think PINK!