Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Bra Auction to Help Raise Money For Pink Heals
Autographed bras from Bret Michaels and Brad Paisley as well as decorated bras are set to be part of an auction during the Pink Party Oct. 23 at Forest Ridge Events Center, 11189 Forest Hills Road, Machesney Park.
The event will once again raise money for Pink Heals of Winnebago County, a group of lo…
14 Brave Confessions About Breast Cancer
October, the time for everything pumpkin and pink. I think it's quite fitting that the spookiest month of the year is also when we take time to honor the battle against one of the scariest diseases ever.
Let's Celebrate this October!
Welcome to October, the month of pink and everything pumpkin and spooky. Taking a look at all the things we have to celebrate this month makes me excited, so let's highlight a few things to get you started.