12 Hours of Salvation Toy Drive

We've received so many questions about how you can help, what kind of toys are needed, can families can receive help, and more. Here is everything you need to know about Q98.5's 12 Hours of Salvation Army Toy Drive.

  • WHERE: Lou Backrodt Auto Mall
  • WHEN: Friday December 2, 7am til 7pm
  • WHAT: Bring by a new unwrapped toy for a less fortunate boy or girl
  • WHY: There are thousands of families in the Stateline that are in need, and you can make a difference.


What kinds of toys are needed?

Toys for boys and girls, ages infant to 15 years old. Sometimes we forget that infants need toys, so keep them in mind. :)

How does The Salvation Army find the children who will be provided toys?

Word of mouth, media, and information provided to United Way Agencies


Which counties will benefit from these toys?

Winnebago County


How does The Salvation Army determine if the families are truly needy?

Each need is treated on an individual basis.


How much should I spend per toy?

There is no bottom limit, every donations helps whether "big" or "small."


Why must the gifts be unwrapped?

The toys are sorted and placed in the toy shop by gender and age.


If the toy is electric do I need to buy batteries, also?

It is helpful if batteries would be provided.


If I am unable to make it to the 12 Hours of Salvation Arm Toy Drive, can I donate somewhere else?

Toys can be dropped off at 416 S. Madison, 210 N. Kilburn, or the Giving Tree at Cherryvale Mall located by US Bank.


I can donate money, instead?

There will be Kettles at the Toy Drive to receive cash and checks.


Can I get a receipt for tax purposes?

Our development office will send a tax acknowledgement letter or receipt.


Is it too late for families to apply for gifts?

Christmas registration for a food basket and toys runs through December 9th at Salvation Army's Social Service Office located at 416 South. Madison Street.

To be considered you must bring:

1.     Photo ID for head of household.

2.     Proof of address for every member of the household, including children. (DHS benefit letter with all people involved in case, recent mail or school records. Must be dated within 30 days.

3.     Proof of birth for every child in the household (age 15 & younger) Birth certificate or school records.