Now that the warmer weather has finally arrived in Rockford, it's time to push the kids off those electronic devices and get them outside! Luckily, my daughter is two and still loves to play outside. Yes, she has a tablet that she loves to play Elmo games on, but thankfully we haven't hit the hardcore addiction point yet.

I recently came across a link to the article on one of my "mom" Facebook pages, and I thought it was great information on why we as parents need to fight the good fight to get our kids outdoors for fun this summer.

According to, here are the top 10 ways playing outside makes your kids smarter:

  1. Playing outside improves focus.
  2. Playing outside stimulates creativity.
  3. Playing outside promotes problem solving.
  4. Playing outside develops leadership skills.
  5. Playing outside improves language skills.
  6. Playing outside is multi-sensory.
  7. Playing outside relieves stress.
  8. Playing outside makes children healthier.
  9. Playing outside encourages physical activity.
  10. Playing outside is fun!

Now that you have your fool proof plan to get the kids off the video games and get them smarter, you are probably wondering where are the best parks in Rockford to have some family fun? My personal favorite, is Alpine Park which just so happens to be number one on this list of 8 Rockford Playgrounds You Need to Visit This Summer.

The truth is, we have so many great outdoor fun opportunities for families to enjoy in Rockford. From awesome parks and recreation paths, to Magic Waters and Lockwood Park, Rockford has a huge wealth of attractions to choose from. Bottom line is, it doesn't matter where you go, just get outside and have some fun as a family!

If road trippin' and campin' is more your style, click on the button below for the top 15 places to camp in Illinois. In fact, there's several great campgrounds from the Rockford area that made the list. Check it out!