Yes, there are things on YouTube and other forms of social media that get millions and millions of clicks, that are completely stupid. People think Kanye West and Bruno Mars are "talented" and click and watch and click and watch...So sometimes getting them views are eyeroll worthy. But then there are for sure some things that make you really wonder what's going on, like "Resurrection Mary."

What's the Story of Resurrection Mary?

Chicago area...Mary spent the night dancing with her boyfriend at the "Oh Henry Ballroom" and there was an argument. Mary stormed out and decided to walk home. Not too far away from the dance club, Mary was struck by a car and died. Mary was laid to rest at Resurrection Cemetery, and this is where the "Urban Legend" begins...

The Urban Legend

People see Mary, or a ghostly creature, or a lonely woman walking the stretch of road where she was killed. There are many, and I mean MANY that have reported a woman walking the road and asking for a ride and they pick her up and drop her off either at the dance club or the cemetery. The woman will vanish, walk into the cemetery or go back into the club. But she's not really there, right?

The Videos

There are researchers, ghost hunters, local history buffs, and just random curious folks that just want to know what's going on. All of the YouTube videos add up to a little over a HALF MILLION VIEWS. So if this is just a myth, just an Urban Legend, why are there a dozen videos with 500,000 views?

Take a look at these and form your own conclusion. I for one, want more answers about Resurrection Mary.





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