Today is Luke Bryan's 38th birthday, so let's spend some time getting to know the man all the ladies love to look at.

When I came across this list of 10 things you may not know about Luke Bryan, I was shocked to learn that I was unaware of one very important fact about this fabulous man. He has a tattoo on his butt? Here I thought I knew everything about Luke's tooshie. The only other person I know that has admitted to a tattoo on their butt is my cousin. He has "made in Byron U.S.A" tattooed on his rear end, and he was actually "made" and born in Rockford. Yes, I make fun of him all the time. (Love ya, Ryan!)

Well, since this post is all about butts apparently, here is my gift to you in honor of this special day. I think a "Luke Bryan Hottest Shakes Collection" may make you smile?