Illinois is often the butt of jokes, it makes a lot of bad lists, and all the negativity towards this state gets me real fired up sometimes. Then I see lists like this and think maybe we deserve some of the mockery. What do you think?

When I came across this list on, I automatically started wondering what the circumstances were behind the creation of the stupid Illinois laws. I mean seriously, don't lawmakers and officials have better things to do?

I wonder what the punishment would be for doing any of these 10 super silly things that are illegal in Illinois?

  1. In Normal, IL it is illegal to make faces at dogs. Are we talking just mean faces, or do kissy faces count too?
  2. It is illegal to give a pet a cigar. Ok, duh! Are you telling me that there are so many morons in this state that do this that it actually needed a law prohibiting it?!?
  3. It is illegal to eat in a burning building. I'm sorry, but if the building is burning chances are you won't be receiving a check for your food. You don't need to worry about wasting money on an unfinished plate.
  4. It's illegal to take a poodle to the opera in Chicago. Maybe they're worried that a poodle's howls will outshine the lead soprano?
  5. In Eureka, IL it is illegal for a man with a moustache to kiss a woman. You know a woman fed up with her man's facial hair came up with this one.
  6. In Chicago, IL it is illegal to go fishing in your pajamas. Wonder how they feel about pajamas in Walmart then?
  7. It's illegal to give whiskey to dogs. Good! But, why do we need a law for this? Use your brains, people!
  8. It's illegal to mispronounce Joliet. So, if you're visiting Joliet, IL and accidentally pronounce it Jolly-ette you get thrown in the slammer?
  9. In Ottawa, IL it's illegal to spit on the sidewalk. This is the only silly law that I am actually on board with. Let's spread it through the rest of the state, because spitting is NASTY.
  10. In Kenilworth, IL, a rooster must be 300 feet away from a home if it's going to crow. So if the rooster doesn't make the mark, who gets busted? the rooster, or you for not training it properly?!?

Don't you feel smarter now? LOL! Please keep these laws in mind as you start your summer road trippin'.