The Rockford area has many great restaurants but it's a tough business. It's sad when a favorite closes their doors. Here are the one's we miss the most.

On the Steve Shannon Show Facebook page, I asked the following question:

If you could bring back one restaurant to the Rockford area, what would it be and why?

This list was compiled based on how many times a former Rockford area restaurant was mentioned. One restaurant was mentioned much more than any other and you'll see which one shortly. Let's get started.


Unlimited breadsticks... Don't have to say any more.

-Samantha Wallace


If I had to pick a last meal, it would be a sausage pizza from Dom's. - Beth Hague

Godfather's Pizza

The taco pizza was a favorite

Olga's Kitchen

C'mon... I could really go for a 3 cheese Olga right about now. -Kristan Ann


The most rewarding garlic breath and oppressed waistband ever! -Steve Shannon

Chi Chi's

I love Mexican food. My favorite was a stuffed(over stuffed) burrito with cheesy goodness inside was crabmeat and shrimp. OMG It was so good. -Denise Contreras

Mary's (on South Main)

Best and biggest greasy burgers in town. And we don't even need to talk about the mountain of french fries.

-Steve Shannon


The cheese soup. That stuff sent me to the ER when a cup of it fell out of the window and burned my hand. It was so good though! -Abbey Hunter

The Mayflower

Bookbinder soup and a little sherry. -Tim Jeffrey


And the restaurant most often mentioned when I asked, If you could bring back one restaurant to the Rockford area, what would it be and why?

The comments about this Rockford restaurant were numerous; ranging from their food, the atmosphere, the staff, and the fantastic margaritas. I was a big fan of their grilled chicken baked potato and the fajitas.

The restaurant we MOST wish would come back...


There were many other restaurants we've lost mentioned in this Facebook post. Take a look, maybe you'll find the one you loved or maybe the one you forgot about.

I know you're so hungry right now, me too. Now go out to eat and support the restaurant you currently love.

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