Do you have any game day superstitions? Here are nine superstitions that Cub fans do to help the team win.

See if any of these superstitions I found at WGN resemble the things you do.

1. Clothes - Wear a lucky jersey. Don't wash it.

2. Blowing up the Bartman Ball.

3. Watch how and where you sit. The seat or even your posture can make or break the game.

4. Say a little prayer.

5. Fly the "W" flag when the Cubs come out on top.

6. Eat the same foods and drink the same drinks that you would while at a game.

7. Lucky Stuffed animals or some sort of good luck charm you keep with or on you.

8. Timing your bathroom breaks. You only go when the other team is at bat or you hold it the whole game. Yikes, I wouldn't last with that one. I'd pee my pants for sure. Haha!

9. Power Moves. You do whatever you can to send your positive mojo to the Cubs. Pray, turn your hat inside out, etc...

So what do you do? Any of these.

I can say I'm all about the lucky shirt/ jersey. I either wear it and continue to do so when they win. Or if they win and I wasn't wearing the shirt, I won't wear the team shirt.

Another one is that if I wasn't watching certain innings and the Cubs won, I won't watch those innings to keep the winning going.

We all have those little somethings to help the Cubbies out.

So Come on Cubs! You can do this! Do it for Harry, do it for Ernie, do it for Ron! Just do this thing!