Sweet corn comes in many varieties, and there is one rule, that if you follow, will guarantee you a quality ear of corn time after time.

Not all corn is not created equal, you have many different varieties of corn to choose from and here in Northern Illinois and Central Wisconsin we are blessed to grow the best sweet corn in the nation.

If you are interested, you can check out the Top 12 places to get sweet corn here in the Stateline.

It is important when you stop by the roadside sweet corn stand, you get the "fresh stuff' because it always tastes sweeter, and crisper! But, how to determine if the corn sitting in front of you is fresh and has not been sitting there for a few days?

Check out this video for the most important rule for finding sweet corn without having to peel back the husks, along with some other cool tips on picking the best sweet corn.

Thanks to Prairie View Garden Center and Farm Market in Hampshire for the demonstration corn for the video.