Geek'd Con is coming to Rockford October 1st and 2nd. One of the panelist will be my favorite wrestler, Booker T. If you follow wrestling, you know that Booker has been very successful. I have five reasons why you should meet him at Geek'd Con. 

1. He is a sixteen time WCW champion. 

Before he came to the WWE, he was a six time WCW champion and an eleven time WCW tag team champion. He has faced every known wrestler, with every match he is in he puts forth effort like no other. When you hold a title that many times, it shows how much determination and passion this man has. Who wouldn't want to hear how he accomplished such feats over his career.

2. He is an established sports commentator.

Booker hosts his own wrestling show in Houston, Texas. His show, Heated Conversations is on every Saturday night on Sports Radio 610. He talks about everything. Wrestling, boxing, and MMA. He also hosts a podcast with the same name that you can find on I Tunes.

Then there is all the work he does with the WWE. He was on both Smackdown and Raw as a color commentator. He also is featured on the WWE Network as a contributor to pay per views and other events. His insight is some of the best in the business. All of the experience in the ring translates to gold on the mic.

3. He is a man who loves to help out.

Check out this video he made when there was flooding in Louisiana.

He says in the video that we are all family. This is why I love this guy so much. He puts aside everything else in the world and thinks of other people. To me, that is so important in life.

4. He is an entrepreneur

Booker is the founder of the wrestling promotion Reality Of Wrestling.  He started this back in 2005 under the name Pro Wrestling Alliance. It is based in Houston and they label the wrestling foundation "The Flagship Of Texas Wrestling". He leads the way for young wrestlers to further their careers. When you come to Geek'd Con, you can ask him how he has been so successful with his business.

5. He is a member of the WWE Hall Of Fame.

How often do Hall Of Famers come to the Rockford area? He was inducted with others back in 2013. When you have a career like Booker T's, you deserve to be with royalty.

I am so excited to see Booker when he comes to Rockford on October 1st and 2nd. He has given me the strength and belief that I can do anything if I put my mind and power to it. Booker, we can "Dig It" sucka!!!!

Get your tickets for Geek'd Con before they sell out.