Svengoolie, a fixture of Chicago TV, will be making an appearance today at Geek'd Con in Rockford. For years we've enjoyed his hilarious banter before, during and after what is considered to be some of the worst sci-fi and horror movies every broadcast.

Sure you can watch a bad horror or science fiction movie on it's own, but that's no fun. For years, local TV hosts have made these bad movies ten times more entertaining with their personal touches of humor and sarcasm. No one is better than Chicago's Svengoolie!

Here are 5 Hilarous Svengoolie moments:

1. Poking fun at 'Star Trek'

2. Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman

3. Svengoolie gets a visit from Gilbert Gottfried


4. Svengoolie & Mama (Vickie Lawrence) from "Mama's Family"



5.Svengoolie Bloopers 3: The Oops Files


Svengoolie will be appearing 1-3 p.m. Saturday, at Geek'd Con. You will be able get  autographs and get your photo taken for free (first come, first serve).