Chicago Cubs Dexter Fowler did a really good deed yesterday.

He paid off several families layaway's.

ABC7 reports that Dexter "surprised 43 families at a Kmart in Chicago by paying off their layaway tabs, helping them with the expensive cost of back-to-school supplies."

The Cubs center fielder's organization "Fowler's Howlers donated $5,000 to pay for the layaway bills at the Kmart store on West Addison Street."

Dexter said the the experience in surprising the families "almost brings tears to my eyes... it's awesome to do that and be in a position to do that."

All he wanted to do was to make things easier for parents.

Wow! That is one of the coolest things I heard of, coming from a sports celebrity. It makes me proud to be a Cub Fan.

By the way if you like to find out more information about how you can help families in  need by paying all or part of their lay away, click here to learn about the Pay Away the Lay Away program.