We may have found a contender for most creative and delicious cup in Rockford, and you can find it downtown on Fridays.

Once upon a time I was a picky eater. I'm talking PICKY. I wouldn't eat anything, pretty much chicken, tomatoes, and ice cream.

Slowly I added different foods to the mix until I realized one day I was missing out on some incredible taste-bud experiences.

Then Sweet Lenny and I started the Ate One Five series and all bets were off. Now I was able to try a ton of 'out of my regular' zone foods and realized I loved them, too.

I still won't eat peanut butter or cilantro and I'm not quite sure I can stomach a taste of any fish that looks like it's swimming but hey maybe someday.

One thing I probably would've never tried if it weren't for my job at Good Day Stateline was the Soul Food Cup at T&C Creations at Rockford City Market.

The mac and cheese would've been my first bet, but the candied yams maybe would've threw me for a loop.

Did I need them in my life? The answer would've been no, but then I tried this soul food concoction and I was like OMG I DO NEED THIS.

It was quite possibly the most creative and exciting cup of food I've ever had, though I recommend eating it at a table instead of standing up like I tried on the show. Have you tried it yet?

P.S. don't skip on the secret sangria!

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