It's Christmas morning. You start opening the presents under the tree. Much to your joy, you get that brand new video game you have asked for. Now to spend all day playing it and trying to beat it. The only problem is having to spend time with the family, eating meals, and being social when you really just want to be in your gamer chair conquering new quests.

Tech retailer GAME has you covered! Christmas Tinner. A full course Christmas meal in a can. In fact, it's an all day Christmas meal in a can.

Layer 1 - Scrambled eggs & bacon

Layer 2 - Two minced pies

Layer 3 - Turkey & potatoes

Layer 4 - Gravy

Layer 5 - Bread sauce

Layer 6 - Cranberry sauce

Layer 7 - Brussel sprouts with stuffing or broccoli with stuffing

Layer 8 - Roast carrots and parsnips

Layer 9 - Christmas pudding

There's even a vegetarian and vegan option for those health conscious individuals, but I have to question you if you're eating an entire meal from a can.

Unfortunately it's not sold on the shelves here in America, but good news is you can order it online and have them ship it to your front door! Who has time to go to the store when you got to beat the next boss anyways? If you'd like to try it click HERE. After having a nice discussion with one of their customer service reps, Teodora, I was informed that it sells out often but that they restock it quite a bit. If it's sold out when you check, just keep checking back. Apparently dinner in a tinner is a big thing.

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