Yellowstone's 10-second teaser for Season 5 didn't spoil anything per se, but eagle-eyed fans can still find clues to get excited about.

The above video pairs these new easter eggs with morsels dropped by some of the show's stars, particularly Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) who has been a go-to for information and maybe even leaks. First, here is the teaser, shared on July 5th.

That looks like a pretty standard promo for a show that is still four months from debuting, but when you stop and start and rewind — and maybe even go frame-by-frame — you begin to notice a few things.

First, you'll learn Stephen Kay is directing Ep. 1 of Season 5 of Yellowstone, which means it's going to be an epic episode (a theory supported by there being at least 25 scenes). Kay directed Ep. 1 of Season 4 called "Half the Money," which found Kayce Dutton getting instant revenge on the men that shot his father. The exhilarating shootout that lasted nearly 15 minutes and is perhaps the show's best moment ever. It's followed closely by the finales of Seasons 2, 3 and 4 (in any order you like).

Wanna guess who directed each of those episodes? Stephen Kay.

Move a few seconds deeper into the teaser to find Wes Bentley's Jamie Dutton looking sharp and ready for work, which is telling. At the end of Season 4, Jamie was a broke man who'd just been blackmailed into killing his own father. The last time he had to kill someone (during Season 2), he was suicidal, sporting a beard and an orange vest.

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That he's office-ready tells us he's recovered, which likely means several months have passed in the Yellowstone universe. Jamie is still Montana's attorney general and a necessary ally to the governor, who may or may not be John Dutton in Season 5 (watch the video at the top for a big old clue there).

The third point to extract from the brief clip is that the Dutton helicopter returns in Season 5 after taking a season off. Viewers wondered if the family's financial woes forced them to sell it. It's still the ultimate Dutton flex, and that it's back signals the family is once again flexing.

Finally, notice how Season 5 is referred to as a "new season" and not the "final season." When has a television show that is entering its final season not reminded fans that it's the final season at every opportunity? We don't see that language, meaning there is likely at least one more season to come after this split season.

Season 5 of Yellowstone begins on Nov. 13 on Paramount Network. For those who've lost track of cast updates and show news in the last few months, we put together a helpful "Everything You Need to Know" about the show.

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