It was a friendly bet. Which Country stars would win different catagories at the 49th Annual CMA Awards Show. WTVO/WQRF's Lauren Langer and Kristin Cwyner won. Watch as they show up and take over Q98.5 for an hour.

What started out simple turned into a great time. The bet was between myself and WTVO/WQRF hosts Lauren Langer and Kristin Cwyner. Watch as they come by the studios on Friday morning to claim their winnings.

It was a great time and if you are keeping score, the WTVO/WQRF Staff combined forces to correctly pick 8 different catagories. I alone correctly picked 6 catagories correct.

I didn't stand a chance, I was outnumbered. Win or lose, I came away with a "WTVO/WQRF Mug Club" coffee cup out of the deal.