Although it may be the only the end of July the Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Grove, IL has this years corn maze ready for fall.

The home of "The World's Largest Corn Maze" is honoring our Stanley Cup Champs, the Chicago Blackhawks.

ABC 7 News, reports that the Richardson Adventure Farm, just 67 miles Northwest of Chicago, called their corn maze designer in Idaho to see if there was time to set up a new design for the fall. George Richardson told ABC 7, that  they had to "get permission from the Blackhawks to use their logo." The result is a bold design with the Blackhawks logo in the center and the Chicago skyline in the background, flanked by two hockey players and the word 'Champions.'"

ABC 7 Chicago; Facebook

The design came out on the 4th of July weekend and cut 11 miles of trails in the 30 acre farm that the corn maze sits on.

The corn maze will be open late August through October.

To find out more information about Richardson Adventure Farms, click here.