In Illinois, besides men with facial hair, women and clean-shaven guys are also invited to participate.

Have You Heard Of "No Shave November" Or "Movember"

You may have heard of "No Shave November" or "Movember." They are worldwide charitable fundraisers that happen during the month of November. For those thirty days, men do not shave and grow out their facial hair. The participants get pledges for that timeframe. It is then donated to organizations associated with men's health. Many times the focus is on prostate and testicular cancers.


What Is "Brovember"

"Brovember" is our local version of "No Shave November." It was started by Dave Armstrong who is the owner of "East State Barber Stylists." He wanted to do something to give back to our community. Dave felt that men's health in the area needed some more attention, so he started this charity.

According to,

"Brovember Inc. is a registered charitable organization established to promote the awareness of men's cancer issues and to raise funds to establish local healthcare programs and other worthwhile causes locally."


"The organization's efforts have expanded in promoting the awareness and raising funds for the Brovember US Endowment/Prostate Cancer Research with the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine at Rockford."


"We are committed to supporting and providing access to the local cancer initiatives that provide the needed resources in our community through our innovative, fun, and engaging campaigns."

How To Participate In "Brovember"

It is really easy to participate in "Brovember." First of all, everyone is eligible to be a part of this amazing month. You do not have to grow facial hair. "Brovember" invites women, clean-shaven men, and anyone who is interested in doing it. We all have or will be affected by cancer in some way during our lifetimes.


All you have to do is start your very own "Bro-Fund-Me" page. Then have friends, family, co-workers, and more, make a donation to your cause. You can even share it on your social media. Register now, HERE.


If that is a bit much, then you can simply make a donation to someone else's "bro-fund-me" page, HERE. You can also do it as a group, so grab people from work or some buddies.



Feel free to challenge other organizations. Many of the local law enforcement agencies join in and try to see who can earn the most money. Armstrong hopes that some of the area fire departments will also jump on the bandwagon.


For more info about "Brovember," HERE. Thank you for the support.

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